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Cheap rangefinders are scattered around the market in various shapes, sizes and brand names to cater the needs of all types of people. Some are suitable for amateurs, while some excel in providing the functions which are required by professionals and perfectionists.

Though many of the products in this category comes at varying rates and prices still you can find which suits you the best. If you need cheap yet quality laser rangefinder then it’s also possible. Here we have made a list for you to make the process easier to find a high quality laser rangefinder that’s is still cheap and affordable.

Having  a low price doesn’t always mean that the products should have low quality features. You can find cheap but quality product with the help of following information.

Affordable but Quality Products:

The laser rangefinders you will be informed on this list don’t require big bucks to be handed over the counter to acquire one but they still manage to deliver. They come from reputable brands that are renowned for creating durable products which excel in their working. One thing is, they manage to perform what the label says, and that’s because they make promises they can actually fulfill.

Buy soma usa, Where to buy soma

Buy soma usa, Where to buy soma


Here comes a very capable option from Nikon for the golfers out there. Thischeap rangefinder is able to detect between a range of 5 to 550 yards in a very compact and sleek looking body. It uses a fancy technology called First Target Priority Technology to accurately and quickly identify the flag sticks in the background. This uses Nikon’s famous optics to give a perfect view of what lies in front, behind, below or above with clarity and sharpness. Another feature allows you to measure and scan the distance of multiple targets for duration of full 8 seconds just by pushing and releasing the power button.

  • Weighs 4.4 ounces
  • Range between 5-550 yards
  • 8-second continuous scanning
  • Temperature tolerant and rainproof
  • Tee shot with Dogleg corner
  • 6x optical monocular

2. CaddyTek Golf

CaddyTek Golf Laser Rangefinder with FlagSeeking

A good choice as an entry level cheap laser rangefinder, the CaddyTek comes with reliable FlagSeeking technology that makes measuring distance from the flag a breeze. It also has the ability to ignore background objects effectively to give you the accurate distance so that you can take you shot without fear. It has magnification of up to 6X and waterproof certification of IPX4. Its range lies between 5 to an impressive 1000 yards. It even has a scan mode where the laser scans the whole area to provide you with multiple readings. It also comes in a very compact and sleek body that can rest in your pocket without ever becoming an intrusion.

  • Weight 7.8 ounces
  • Uses 1 CR2 battery
  • 6X magnification
  • Range between 5 to 1000 yards (300 to golf flag)
  • Scan mode

3. DSS

DSS Golf Tour

The DSS cheap laser rangefinder is a quality product that has a measurement range of 5 to 440 yards. It features 6X magnification which is on par with the competition. It gives clear images to the user and uses First Target Priority and Distant Target Priority technology which eliminates background objects to measure the distance accurately and cuts through the wooded areas. It allows complete 8 seconds of continuous measurement. This comes in an attractive waterproof body that can withstand up to 1m of water. Still, it is not recommended for underwater usage. The battery chamber is also water-resistant so you need not to worry about water getting in there as long as it is above 1 meter depth. There is a dual mode for use in many types of areas. Runs using a CR2 3V battery

  • Waterproof
  • 400+ meters range
  • 8 seconds of continuous measurement
  • Power source is a 3V CR2 battery

4. Gamer Golf X400

Gamer Golf X400 Laser Range Finder

This cheap rangefinder is the most versatile of this list considering it’s the only one which features the ability to measure distance regardless of slopes. This means that it can detect measurement changes due to elevation or depression. This can be a valuable option so you can hit the ball without any fear. If you have shaky hands, this rangefinder uses Pinseeking technology to hold on to the flag so you get the proper measurement. It even has the First Target Priority Technology which allows you to distinguish between the golf pin from background trees. It has a range of 5 to 400+ yards. It also has 1 year warranty with an added no questions asked return policy of 30 days. It comes with a case, lens cloth and battery.

  • Slope-edition, ability to measure distance factoring in elevation and depression level
  • Pinseeking technology
  • Range of 5 to 400 yards

5. Lofthouse ProScope

Lofthouse ProScope 400X Golf Laser Rangefinder

This is also a good option for golf lovers to consider as an entry level rangefinder with all the necessities in one place. It also features the must have, Pinseeking technology, which allows you to hold on the flag regardless of shaky hands which many of us have. It is legal for tournament play. It has a pinpoint accuracy within +/- 1 yard. It has a range of 5 to 400 yards, which is the norm for the rangefinders in this list. It also has the same 6X magnification like the rest. It stands on par with the competition. It comes with battery, carrying case and microfiber lens cloth.

  • 6X magnification
  • Range of 5 to 400 yards, 250 to flag
  • Pinseeking technology

The beginner  golfers don’t need to miss out on features of a rangefinder and still need an affordable solution. These will set your game up, and improve it by many levels. It will give you the advantage of calculating the distance at a very comfortable price which also won’t hurt your pocket in any way.

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