Breaking 80 Laser Rangefinder- InteliScan Flagseeker Review

If you are confused on golf rangefinders and just want a rangefinder that works, the Breaking 80 IS500 Golf Rangefinder  is a very good option. This model comes with a number of different modes to exploit. It is hard to go wrong with any laser type. This is the choice by default on the breaking 80.

Many want a rangefinder that is made by a reputable brand.  I very much understand the important of experience in the industry. You don’t want a fly-by-night manufacturer.  No one can argue that it’s important to select a rangefinder from a company that has been the business of making the rangefinder for quite a few years. In this regard, the Breaking 80 is quite a reasonable manufacturer with several rangefinder products already associated with its name.

Laser rangefinders with InteliScan, Flagseeker and Pin Sensor Technology are the most useful features for both the pro and the amateur users. Users are advised to go through all the features of this product in order to make a wise decision about this laser rangefinder. We will be discussing all the main points about this laser rangefinder in the following sections to come.

Features of The Breaking 80:

Let us start with the advanced Pin Sensor technology.

  • The Breaking 80’s pin sensor is perfect for calculating the range of overlapping objects.
  • You can make use of the first priority target mode, which gives an accurate distance to the closest of the objects.
  • It has a fairly long distance measurement range and it can take distances up to 400 yards, which is a decent enough range for the amateur players of golf. Golf is not a game where you blindly aim for the target, but it can be targeted with precision by making use of its InteliScan technology. The Inteliscan makes it easy on us.  It is an easy way to calculate of the distances to the trees, edges and the bunkers. Just you need to set the device to the scan mode and the equipment would do the rest intelligently for you (hence the name)
  • The 6x magnification monocular lens is fully adjustable to cater precisely for your needs.
  • The multi-layer coating over the lens is nice. I found that it makes the images smarter and crispier.

The Breaking 80 comes with an exclusive 60 days money back guarantee.  The manufacturer claims that there will be no questions asked. I think 60 days is plenty to try out the device.  I’ve been really happy with it. Furthermore, 1 year warranty is also there over this laser rangefinder device.

Breaking 80 Pros:

  • The Breaking 80 offers a range of 400 yards which is very satisfactory for the amateur golfers in the game field.
  • The monocular lens comes with 6x magnification which is adjustable and also offers full multi-layer coating for producing the bright and crisp images.
  • The InteliScan technology makes it easy to figure the distance to all the trees, bushes, bunkers and the edges of the field. This is crucial when you need help in making precise shots.
  • Manfucture claims a lifetime replacement plan. They want you to register your product when you first buy it for this to take affect.
  • This is a higher-end product.  It certainly isn’t the cheapest rangefinder out there. The features, to us, definitely justify the price.

Breaking 80 Cons:

  • The Pin seeker mode can be hard to get accumulated to. It seems to work best when you at least have an approximate distance. That seems a bit of a hassle for a higher-end rangefinder.
  • The default setting gives measurements in meters, not in yards. It was easy enough to switch the model over to yards.
  • If you need a very precise reading, then you need to have a very stable hand. This can be a little tricky those those not used to using a rangefinder, much less a high end product like the Breaking 80 rangefinder.
  • Works best if the course has reflectors on the pins that catch the laser.  Obviously some courses don’t have reflectors.

Final thoughts on the Breaking 80:

The Breaking 80 laser rangefinder is quite a nice model and it comes with a number of different modes to exploit. You will like it for its decent range, the quality of the monocular lens and the warranty of the equipment. If you don’t have a steady hand then getting an accurate reading (+5-) is harder. We’d put the Breaking 80 against a Bushnell any day.


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    Breaking 80 offers this 550-yard rangefinder as well as other longer-range scopes that measure up to 800 yards. I’m going to review just the 550-yard model since that’s the least expensive so it fits in the budget category.

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