Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Rangefinder Review

The competitiveness in the game of golf has certainly increased with the intrusion of technology. The major technological equipment which is very commonly seen with the golfers in the golf course is the rangefinder. There are different types available where the laser rangefinder is the most commonly used of all the types. The Bushnell manufacturer has introduced the Tour V3 rangefinder standard edition, which has become the favorite equipment for many golfers. There are some amazing features in the equipment which are suitable for the amateur and mid-level game players to raise the bar of their game. This review will critically analyze all the significant aspects of this equipment so that you are in a better position to make the decision regarding the product.

Main Features:

The Tour V3 standard edition laser rangefinder is equipped with many amazing features. It provides the users with single hand operation, giving a 5x magnification using a 24mm objective lens. The device can range find within the limits of10 to100 yards and has got 300 yards distance to flag with. The error value in the result could be just about 1yard +/-. The Pin Seeker technology used in the device activates the Jolt Vibration feature which gives very close to accurate results for the golfers.

The Scan mode of this rangefinder continuously updates the LCD display just as you are panning across the golf course with the device in hand. It is a legal device to use in the golf tournaments as all the features are well within the allowed limits of the tournaments. It has a compact and a very ergonomic design which is fairly easy to grip and control. A carrying case is included in the rangefinder package and you will also get 2 years of warranty on the product.


  • The equipment is excellent for the amateurs with easy to use features and good enough rangefinder range of 10 to 1000 yards. It’s a simple gadget to boost the confidence of the newcomers in the field of golf. It would help get new players  a fast and easy solution for the targeting the goal accurately.
  • The ergonomics of this rangefinder are good as it provides users with easy one-hand operation and there would also be a convenient grip for you to work with. A great grip, easy to manipulate functions and simple designs makes it a perfect gadget for every player.
  • The equipment is totally legal for all types of golf tournaments. There is no restriction for it to use and anyone can take help from it as it doesn’t have any prohibited features that are not allowed in the field.
  • The product is easier to carry with the carrying case that comes along with the rangefinder’s package. The cover help the user to hold the gadget easily and also keeps it safe from choking hazards.
  • You will have no trouble and hesitation in using the product as it is backed with a very useful warranty of 2 years. So you don’t have to worry about minor issues if they arise within 2 years time frame. They will be covered by the manufacturer.


  • The product is not waterproof so using it in wet or rainy conditions is not feasible at all. You will have to keep that in mind and should not use it or leave it where there are chances of rain.
  • There is no slope technology introduced in this product just as some of the other models of this Bushnell manufacturer. So, the final result could be compromised if there is any slop in the range as well to deal with.
  • It doesn’t give you the desirable results that you want to have such as the equipment could give you multiple yardages when the target is locked.


The golf rangefinder from Bushnell is very much useful for the amateur golfers. It comes with a reasonable range and very convenient to use features. The ergonomics offered are its comfortable grip, light weight and the easy single hand operation. On the other side, the product is not waterproof with no slope technology feature as well. It would e of great help for beginners and can be of great help to get start with the game confidently.

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