Bushnell Tour v3 Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

A Golf laser rangefinder can only be helpful for the amateur golfers if it comes with some versatile and easy to use features.  The amateurs demand comfort and ease in use or otherwise using a laser rangefinder could be just another thing which adds to the complexities of their game. There are plenty of rangefinders available in the market and the amateur golfers or those in the development phase of their game should look for the laser rangefinder as it is the most effective one for the category.

One useful rangefinder is the Tour V3 Slope device from the Bushnell manufacturer which would seamlessly take your game for the better to best. This guide will tell you in detail about all the prominent features, pros and cons of this laser rangefinder from the Bushnell manufacturer. This will support you in making a wise decision.


This laser rangefinder is very convenient to use with its single hand operation. It has 5x magnification and an objective lens of 24mm. The equipment can perform well in the range of 10 to 1000 yards and it has a flag range of up to 300 yards.There could be an error in results by just 1 yard +/- which is absolutely acceptable in terms of accuracy. The Pin Seeker technology is excellent and it is activated along with the Jolt Vibration feature for getting  precise results.

The Scan mode of the rangefinder continuously updates the display screen just as you move across the golf field. The best thing about this device is its slope feature which compensates the calculation by accounting the slopes on the landscape as well.  The swing yardage is adjusted by taking the degree of slope into account. The device is fairly compact and has a useful ergonomic design. It is very easy to grip and use for the amateur players. There is a carrying case included in the package and the system comes with an exclusive warranty of 2 years. Apart from this, there is a 3V battery also included in this package.


  • The laser rangefinder has a very good range and particularly the flag range up to 300 yards is just about phenomenal. You can rely it for a long short easily and still getting to your target.
  • This is equipment which comes with the slope feature as well, which means that the device could also take into account the slopes on the field for calculating the yardage.
  • This laser rangefinder from Bushnell is easy to operate with its single hand operation. Further, the quality of the 24mm objective lens makes the images more crispier and clearer.
  • It has a very compact design with ergonomic grip. So using the device will be quite easy and carrying even easier with the help of the carrying case which comes along with this system.
  • The equipment from Bushnell is backed with an exclusive 2 year warranty. And you will not have to worry about any issues that might arise while using it. In case you feel any problems in it functioning you can talk to their support right away and get it solved.


  • The Jolt Function of the device may show some issues sometimes and if you need precisions at a higher pace then you may need to work more.
  • The error in judgment of the calculation is not as advertised by the manufacturer. The calculation may vary a little more.
  • The slope feature couldn’t be turned, especially when the golfer is playing in the tournament.


The equipment is apt for the beginner golfers and it performs, somehow reasonably well for the amateurs. The quality of the objective lens is good and so is the ergonomic grip. It is backed with a warranty of 2 years. You can easily rely on this great gadget if you just have started your journey to play golf like a pro. It would be helpful for you to target your goal accurately. It will help you save time and decide quickly by using its calculation and combined with your own judgment skills while giving the shot. It will definitely serve the way you need.

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