Comparison between Golf GPS and Golf Laser Rangefinder

The choice between golf GPS rangefinder and Laser rangefinder is a matter of personal preference. Both have practical advantages over the other device. There are many factors to consider before choosing the one made for you. Laser rangefinders have been available for a long time while GPS rangefinders are the newer devices which are becoming the more preferable choice due to more functions.

GPS over Lasers:

GPS systems are becoming more popular day by day because of the variety of features they offer

  • Smartphones Use – Smartphones with GPS capabilities can also disguise as a rangefinder because of many applications present on the market for the golfer.
  • Use of Screens – Golf GPS range finders feature a big screen where they display all their numbers. This allows it to be handled like a smartphone. The screen can be used for other purposes like connecting to an external phone after which your GPS system receives messages, calls or notifications.
  • Beyond Sight – GPS systems can give details on hazards and greens, which are beyond the sight of a man. Lasers can only be used for holes that are in the view of the eyes. The laser can’t tell the distance if the operator is unable to hit the flag with it. It’s the most important and useful advantage of any GPS system. It’s because the results shown are not dependant upon the vision we have or the gadget. Rather, the distance and the calculation are made on the basis of the data given through satellite and it does not require you to target your goal by actually viewing it.
  • Preloaded Maps – These systems come preloaded with thousands of courses in-built so you can enjoy golf in different countries.
  • Hazards Information – If you are in a new course where you are unfamiliar with the hazards and greens, the golf GPS rangefinder gives all information about them.
  • Compact Form-factor – These devices are also coming in the form factor of watches. These are compact watches which rests on the hand and don’t interfere with the playing at all.
  • Personalized Content – GPS rangefinders give personalized content according to the person statistics. They can be used as a stats board. Stat tracking is also available in these systems. We all love feedback on our game so it covers us even there
  • Measuring shots – you can also use the GPS  rangefinders for a variety of range finding tasks that are not related to the golfing fields. The features of a GPS system are much more versatile and can serve you in a variety of purposes.
  • More Functions – There are different types of these devices with different functions such as the GPS will display a green from the angle of direction you are approaching it. There are others which will literally talk to you and tell you the distance. You don’t even have to watch the screen. It makes the gadget even more easy to use for beginners and new comers in the field.
  • Blind Shot Assistance – GPS rangefinder can give utility even when taking a blind shot while lasers are helpless at that point. So you will not be able to take a blind shot if you don’t have a GPS range finder with you.
  • Fool Proof – GPS systems are not as susceptible to human error as lasers. GPS can tell the accurate distance no matter what weather condition. If the weather is windy, it might be hard to hit the lag with the laser. This is a big inconvenience. JOLT is the answer to this problem, but not all lasers have adopted the technology. It is found in high end models so still a solution fit for all has not been proposed yet.

Laser Rangefinders over GPS Rangefinders:

  • Convenience – Lasers, can prove to be more convenient since one only has to point towards the flag and the yardage will be provided. You don’t need to download anything on the laser unlike the GPS which needs courses to be downloaded online or manually mapping it out.
  • No Hassle of Maps – There is no annual fee or any maps to buy. The only maintenance a laser rangefinder needs is a good set of batteries once in a while and rest is done by the range finder easily.
  • Accurate Yardage – It can give the yardage on any object that you want, may it be hazards, trees, bunkers or doglegs. The condition is that you must have them in the field of view. If there is a hidden hazard behind the hole, then the laser won’t be able to help you in that.
  • Driving Range- It allows you to get yardages in the driving range, which increases your knowledge of the game.
  • Simplicity – It’s much simpler to use than a GPS system. So if you need a simpler solution to have for your range finding needs, then you can consider buying such a gadget.
  • Use of Flags – If your company hasn’t mapped out a course yet, you don’t have to wait like you would with a GPS system. Any course can work as long as it has flags.
  • JOLT Technology – Laser rangefinders are becoming more and more versatile each day to give the accurate reading. One such technology is the JOLT which gives vibration feedback to assure that the flag has been accurately measured. If there is an obstacle behind the flag, like a tree, the laser would still be able to measure it. It gives great convenience.
  • Accuracy – Lasers are found to be much more accurate compared to some GPS units. Since the lasers uses a phenomenon that light strikes the flag and returns back to give accurate yardage. GPS systems can show an error of about a meter usually.
  • Range – Lasers have a greater magnification. Most allow 6x magnification and above. They can also measure distance accurate to more than a thousand yards.

Comparing both of these rangefinder we can say that both have their own utilities, but GPS has the versatility and variety of functions and would be a better choice if you need that. While the laser ones have the simplicity of function to offer that would be great for those who don’t need variety of functions.

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