Laser or Non-Laser Rangefinder: Which one is Better?

Even though this might be a matter of personal preference, it might be worth some analysis on which might be a better choice for you. Whether to have a laser rangefinder or non-laser could be a big move for you.Considering that this is not the cheapest gadget to buy, the path you choose could be tied to you for a long time. Because of this, you ought to make sure that you have the best possible which is why we will look at both ends of the spectrum to allow you make the best possible choice.

Laser rangefinder

The best thing about the laser golf rangefinders is that they offer the player the chance to understand their course and the yards regardless of their level of play. They can achieve this without spending much time and hence come with their  collection of benefits and downsides.


With regards to the advantages of having a laser rangefinder, one of the biggest ones is the fact that there are two primary options that you can choose from when it comes to these kinds of rangefinders. It is the choice between slope and non-slope rangefinders. It goes without mentioning that either of the two will offer their  benefits to the player.

Laser rangefinders are notorious for being highly accurate and measure the distance to very little errors. Because of this, they offer a better chance to the player of making a more decent shot.

Should you decide to go with the ones that have the slope feature, the product can also be able to track the trajectory of the ball and this can allow you to make very vital changes that could assure you of success.


On the downside, there are some factors that make the laser option fall out of grace with some of the players. Among these are the fact that for them to be able to get accurate results, the player has to ensure that they hold them still or else they will get readings that are not accurate.

The bigger concern and especially to those that might go for the laser rangefinder that has slope is that it is not allowed in the national competitions. Because of this, those that are used to this feature might find themselves at a great disadvantage.


These are a class of rangefinders that are only a dream to most golfers but prove quite difficult to find. Even though they are not usually the first preference to most and especially the amateur golfers, they are quite a good option which is why they are highly sort after.


On the upside, rangefinders that fall in this category have a unique feature known as a reticle. It helps to estimate the shot of the player making it easier for them to make more accurate shots.

Even better is the fact that a player does not have to fidget with still focusing. They are usually equipped with focusing that is free from operation making them even easier to use.

The cost of the non-laser rangefinders is among the reasons that most golfers might prefer them. Even though harder to find, they cost less compared to the laser counterparts.


Even though seemingly more attractive, the non-laser options also do have their  downsides. Among them is their shortcoming when it comes the maximum range. Most are confined to about 200 yards which is quite crippling to most players.

They also have a high tendency of being inaccurate which can be a significant problem for the professional players.

If you are to take both sides of the coins and balance them out, it would be difficult for any one player to be able to pick one particular rangefinder. However, you cannot overlook the fact that the lasers are more accurate which is key when playing golf but also require the player to be still when using them which can be quite complex with plenty of adrenalin pumping through your veins.

On the other hand, you have to weigh between having the luxury of having a gadget that does not actually require you to hold it to operate it and its inefficiencies and inaccuracies.

The best way to be able to pick among the two is to consider the conditions of the game and the kind of competition that you will be facing. For an experienced player, the non-laser option might be ideal since they could use their experience to iron out some of the inaccurate figures.

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