Top Tips and Tricks to Maintain the Lens of Golf Rangefinder

It is easily agreeable that one of the most important parts that you have on your golf rangefinder is the lens. Actually, without a properly functioning lens, the rangefinder would not be able to do much to be of assistance to you in any circumstances. Because of this, you have to ensure the lens of your product is always in tip top condition to allow it have the best chances of giving you better service for a longer time. The only problem is that most people are not very sure about how to care for their lenses and in most cases would rather not touch them. With these tips and tricks, you are bound to get the most out of rangefinder by caring for your lens.

Keep safe.

While the rangefinder is quite a delicate machine, the lens is even more sensitive. As such, you should ensure that you do not hit the product against sturdy surfaces or drop it. Utmost care should be taken to ensure that you keep your product as safe as possible and take utmost care to ensure that the machine is not dropped.

One of the easiest ways to make sure that your rangefinder does not hit the ground even in your absence is by making sure that you place it on a sturdy, and even surface. You should also ensure that it’s far from the edges. It makes it harder for your machine to fall.

Keep away from direct light.

Another important tip that you need to remember especially when you are not using the rangefinder is that the lens UV sensitive. You should always make sure that you protect the lens against direct sunlight especially when it is not being used. The excess exposure to UV light from the sun attacks the glass and overtime this damages the rangefinder.


One of the greatest tricks that you can use to extend the life of your lens is by ensuring that it is regularly clean. You are also able to get the best service out of lens this way. You should always clean the lens and do this severally. While cleaning, you should only use a clean velvet cloth and pure alcohol for the cleaning process.

Removing stains.

Usually, you will only need to use a dry velvet cloth to dust off the lens. However, in some instances, the occasional stubborn stain might find its way on the lens. Should this happen, the best way to get rid of the stain is to wet a velvet cloth with pure alcohol and use this to rub gently on the stain.  It is important to make sure that you dust the lens on a daily basis after use. You can use a soft brush to make the dusting easier.

Alternatively, if you are not comfortable with using a cloth, you also have the option of using a quality photographic tissue for your cleaning endeavors. It works just as well.

The cleaning process even though quite vital is quite risky if not done in the right way and using the right tools. It is more likely to get crippling scratches during this process and hence you have to make sure that you take utmost care while at it.


At some point, you might experience problems with your lens. It might sound like a good idea to have the repairs done yourself. However, it is strongly advised that you let a professional get the job on your behalf. While it might cost you a fee to have a professional repair your rangefinder’s lens, it would cost you significantly more if something happens to your lens.

Cover up.

Most rangefinders come with a cover for the screen. It is in your best interest to make sure that you use that cover any time that you are not using the lens. It protects the lens against the excessive light and other aspects of the weather and also sand from getting on the screen.

While these tips and tricks may sound quite easy, they could save you a handsome buck and even more important, they could save your day out on the course and ensure that you can get even more out of your rangefinder.

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