How to use a GPS golf rangefinder

It is very hard to say that whether GPS golf rangefinder is better than the Laser type or it isn’t as both offer some fantastic functionalities which are distinctive in each other. The GPS just as its name suggests,  works on the principle of GPS. The GPS howeve,r takes the vote for its convenience in usage, but the accuracy is compromised sometimes. Further, the price of this type is also high with  an ongoing subscription fee, which again is a big drawback.

The functions of a GPS golf rangefinder:

A GPS golf rangefinder could only do a great job if you use the equipment to its full potential. The first step as always is to buy a top quality device and then its performance is dependent as how effectively you do the settings. The following are the main functions with their brief descriptions which you must know while using a GPS type of golf rangefinder:

  • First of all, for every golf rangefinder you need to pay a subscription fees which can be annually, bi-annually and sometimes monthly as well. This is for the charges that you will incur while downloading the maps of different golf courses on your devices. Therefore, setting up your device is done by performing this step which is a consistent function all through such devices.
  • After that you need to operate the device by loading the golf field course over it. The map could be downloaded from your home into the device just to help you save time.
  • All the golf holes are locked into the device and you need to select and lock a particular hole which you are looking to play next. This will help you determine and decide about your next action. This feature is crucial to understand in order to play accurately and make use of the rangefinder exactly the way it should be.
  • The majority of such devices will then display the instructions such as the wind speed, slope in the way and of course the distance to the flag. All these information altogether plays a pivotal role in helping you to play a great golf shot with precision by enabling you to choose the apt club.

Make sure that all the functions and the descriptions discussed above are all found commonly in all the devices. There are some really advanced features which obviously you wouldn’t find in the majority of simpler items. Therefore, it is important for the amateur and also the professional golfers to choose the GPS golf rangefinder devices according to their needs.

If you need to have the advanced  level rangefinder that has a greater accuracy and a more customized features in determining the distance and the measurements regarding it, then you can select the one that complies to your needs. Otherwise a simple one can also functions well according to the basic rules and can help you play your game like a pro golfer.

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